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Uncomfortable with the idea of marketing yourself as a yoga teacher? Don’t know how to market a yoga studio? Learn how to love marketing, differentiate yourself, and find new students.

I combine my many years of advertising agency experience and love of the transformative power of yoga, to offer web copywriting and SEO copywriting, along with branding and marketing coaching, to yoga teachers, retreats and studios.


As a fully qualified SEO copywriter (with the prestigious SEO Content Institute), I create engaging on-point web copy which will attract the students you seek to serve and help you climb the Google page rankings. Whether you’re a lone yoga teacher who wants an “About” page, or an established yoga studio needing forty pages on your services and expertise, I can help.


Working with me you will learn:

  • How, as a yoga teacher, you are a natural born marketeer.
  • Why effective yoga marketing is not about selling.
  • How to differentiate yourself from everyone else, without feeling disloyal.
  • How having enemies is totally in keeping with your yoga practice.
  • How to attract new yoga students.
  • How to create a tribe of advocates who will talk about you to their friends.

You will get clear on:

  • Your purpose - the change you want to see in the world.
  • Which yoga students you want to serve.
  • What you want to offer them.
  • How you’re going to help them become what they seek to become.
Lucy Edge

There are three ways we can work together:


  • You brief me.
  • I do the work.
  • No drama.
  • No fuss.


  • You brief me.
  • I coach you on a series of calls.
  • You do the drafting.
  • I do the crafting.


  • You brief me.
  • I coach you on a series of calls.
  • You do the drafting.
  • You do the crafting.



Lucy has real empathy for, and understanding of, a yoga teachers’ challenges around marketing their yoga classes and retreats. 

Being coached by Lucy and digging down on my purpose, values, wants and needs has been a valuable reboot to my yoga business. 

I needed this encouragement and support to bring focus and re-energise. 

Lucy’s approach has been a breath of fresh air; fun and at the same time on point and incisive. Her branding expertise, and entrepreneurial savvy, adding so much value to the conversation. 

The structure and ongoing summaries provided me with much needed direction. These sessions have helped me to find my teaching voice and confidence in this expanding and increasingly competitive market place.

Julie Bickerton, Yoga Teacher

I worked with Lucy to help me turn my vague ideas of establishing a yoga and coaching business into a concrete plan.

Lucy certainly knows her stuff! She is very knowledgeable and supportive and provides guidance through the process step-by-step.

She takes into consideration your own personal life situation to ensure your yoga marketing plans are achievable for you.  

Working with Lucy has helped me gain clarity on my overall purpose for the yoga business I want to create, and the yoga students I want to serve.

She has injected me with a new excitement and enthusiasm about the possibilities.

I highly recommend working with Lucy.

Sophia Andeh, Yoga Teacher

Lucy had been recommended to us because she had extensive brand experience and experience both personally and professionally with the yoga world.

In our first meeting with Lucy, she immediately and boldly told us that she felt that we should change our name.

Our original name was The Body Image Boutique and she did not feel that the name properly reflected who we are. We engaged her immediately and were impressed every step of the way with her professionalism, creativity, and intelligence. She came up with alternative names for us to choose from and we decided on Body Positive Works with the tagline "The Feel Good Place."

We love the name and the response from our community has been amazing. Lucy also developed a brand identity and copy strategy for us and also helped us develop our social media strategy.

Working with Lucy from "across the pond" was never an issue and she was always available to us. I can't say enough about Lucy and look forward to working with her on future projects!

Jen Kraft, Founder, Body Positive Works

I emailed Lucy first and she suggested we talk on the phone, this gave me a really good opportunity to get a feeling and the vibe was great as we spoke.

I knew she was the right person for me to use.

I then got work and sent Lucy over a lot of info very disorganised along with terrible grammar. It was very long, frankly a mess.

Lucy condensed it down and turned it into something very beautifully written and yet with my voice in it. I’m thrilled! I’m so happy with the result and would not hesitate to ask her to do more writing for me.

Thank you so much Lucy.

​Vivien Row, Owner, The Yoga Den

Lucy is a pro!

She was able to streamline my jumbled ideas into a clear, marketable message.

She understands the yoga and meditation industry and walks the path.

It was a joy to work with her and I absolutely recommend her.

S. Cook, Meditation and Yoga Teacher

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