Copywriting Successes

SEO Copywriting

SEO Copywriting

I am very proud of my 2018 SEO copywriting qualification, which I earned from the prestigious SEO Content Institute founded by Heather Lloyd Martin, the pioneer of SEO writing.

  • I love SEO copywriting – it marries everything I love about being a brand strategist (objectives, targets, brand positioning) with the creativity of copywriting.
  • I cut my teeth in SEO web copywriting on my own website –, increasing our organic traffic by 15% in the first month.
  • A full SEO review includes:
    • Competitive analysis​
    • Customer analysis​
    • Per page key phrase strategy and a content plan
    • SEO web copywriting
    • Keyphrase editing, titles and meta descriptions
    • Identification of other content opportunities


SEO copywriting creates deeper connections with customers, based on answering their real needs and motivations.