My other yoga books were both yoga memoirs - this is my first yoga novel. 

Stuck in Slough Meg’s going nowhere fast. Boxed in and stitched up, she jumps at the chance to work at Shine – the last word in super-luxe yoga, complete with cellulite-banishing yoga pants and high-tech yoga mats.

She loves putting her brand smarts into action, and her office view of the Gherkin, but when Shine threatens to shut down a small but beloved neighbourhood yoga studio, Meg’s forced to make a choice.

Is she a buff-bodied, fast-track corporate girl, circling the globe, dating the glamorous Max, or does her heart lie closer to home – with the granola guy up the road and her own soul-fired business.

Down Dog Billionaire is a heart-warming comedy of errors for any woman balancing bitchy colleagues, crazy friendships and men being men, with the never-ending temptation of chocolate.

  • “This first novel does not disappoint and in fact is written with a confidence normally found in more seasoned authors. I especially like the characterisations which were believable but with a comedic twist. I’m only sorry that I read it in a day.” Alan Dolan, The Breath Guru
  • “Down Dog is a well written and refreshing take on the colourful word that is yoga, supported by dynamic characters who are full of life—an absolute delight! I have already recommended it to many of my friends. A fab read for anyone who regularly strives for a lifestyle that satisfies both their head AND their heart.” Leah Giorno
  • “This is a witty, very astute and richly imagined portrait of the ‘underbelly’ of the yoga world – one in which yoga’s traditional roots and ethics are overlaid by values that are predominately materialistic, superficial and obsessed with appearances. I really enjoyed the whole host of characters – from Meg’s über-bitchy colleagues at Shine (the novel has echoes of The Devil Wears Prada) to Nate, the hunky but understated local teacher whose studio is threatened by Shine’s arrival – and the dynamics between all them.” Amanya