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Customer Insight

Customer Insight

Customer Insight
Sainsbury's roast dinners

As an experienced brand strategist I understand the importance of customer insight and I use a myriad of customer insight tools (segmentation, ethnography, semiotics etc.) to deepen understanding and engagement.

  • Johnnie Walker Red customers were identified as tough guys who’d maybe smoke a Marlboro Red alongside their whisky, leading to ad campaigns rooted in adventure and exploration.
  • Sitting with Sainsbury’s customers to observe the ritual of the Sunday Lunch led to an insight around the handing down of secret recipes, shortcuts and flavoursomehacks as family heirlooms, and then to the sharing of these customer “secrets” instore and online.
  • One to one interviews with Lexus Customer Service representatives showed me just how much of a competitive advantage their customer care was (I now drive a Lexus!)
  • Quarterly interviews with E4 viewers kept the brand on point “for when social media sucks and it’s raining outside".
  • A qualitative investigation into customer motivation for Juice Research and Mecca Bingo resulted in a customer segmentation that enabled the business to find and focus on its most valuable customers.


“Lucy always delivers findings which add genuine value against ridiculous deadlines!”

David Green, Founder, Juice Research