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Brand Purpose

Brand Purpose

Brand Purpose

As a brand strategist my work almost always includes brand purpose. Why brands do what they do is as important as what they do and how they do it. Whether I am working on cat food or a yoga studio I always ask this question – making sure we have the answers we need to create customer trust and engagement.

  • Inspired by brands like Patagonia, Disney, Dove and Apple, every brand must ask itself this question, and provide some solid answers to earn customer trust.
  • Lily’s Kitchen was created because Henrietta, had a sick dog (called Lily) that recovered when she fed her proper, natural food. I had the job of extending that purpose to work for cats, which turned out to be a purrfect (sorry) fit.
  • Creating Dettol’s brand purpose was a career high for me. Following a brand purpose workshop, in which we realised that the opportunity lay in taking Dettol from preventing the spread of germs to the spreading of health, we were able to reposition Dettol as a brand on a mission for health.


The Dettol “Mission for Health” positioning has inspired a host of very successful new product ideas which have added significant value to the bottom line.