Brand strategy

I do love a strategic challenge and I’ve faced a few in my time; from inventing a differentiated territory for an e-commerce brand to creating a motivating brand purpose out of germ kill.

Break my inbox with your research, or ask me to create ideas from scratch – I’m happy either way.

I can also train your people to think more strategically.



I specialise in strategically-led brand copy – the concepts, manifestos, and films that create vivid brand stories.

I write books because I love inventing characters and compelling plots and I bring that joy to creating your brand’s personality, tone of voice, values and purpose.

I can also turn in a training manual that people actually want to read – recent projects have included writing for the web and explanations of how to use an agency’s proprietary tools.


I love writing in my own voice as much as I love writing for brands, although I have yet to reap the rewards I experienced as a child when I won that Jimmy Osmond sew-on patch.

All three of my books have a yoga theme – from Yoga School Dropout to Down Dog Billionaire.

I think I will write about something else next.