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A sharply funny travelogue from a fantastic travel writer. Lucy Edge tells the story of her personal quest for serenity and yogic flexibility through the ashrams and gurus of India.

After over a decade spent working and drinking too much in the world of advertising, Lucy decided she had to leave town for an altogether more spiritual and, well, meaningful way of life – and whilst she was at it, she could acquire a newly lithe and supple body.

Would she come home looking like Christy Turlington and pick up some serenity on the way? Or did something much funnier, interesting and complicated happen? Did she fall in love – with a place and its people?

A divine comedy of the Western obsession with life’s deeper meaning, a yogic experiment and a love letter to India, this is a very funny book from a wonderful travel writer.

Published by Ebury, a Random House imprint.

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The Times, Books of the Year

A hilarious search for a meaningful life turns into a joyous discovery of India.

Nick Creagh-Osborne

The Independent on Sunday, Books of the Year

‘Lucy Edge, a former London ad exec, goes in search of spiritual riches (and the perfect headstand) in India. Neither boringly cynical nor stupidly gullible, she’s open minded, warm and funny; even – though she’d be the last person to claim this – rather wise.’

Suzi Feay

Funny and entertaining

I have no interest whatsoever in yoga but nonetheless found this to be an entertaining and witty read. Lucy conjures up an evocative picture of travelling yoga enthusiasts residing in India, living and breathing their passion (along with other related pursuits) with humour and pertinent observation. Much better than Eat Pray Love. Highly recommend!


Realistic, fantastic, funny

This is the true story of one girls escape from the rat race to explore a variety of ways of deepening her interest in yoga.
She travels to India and goes from Ashram to Ashram, Guru to Guru, Yoga School to Yoga School. You read about the scams and the ‘crazies’ and also the deeply sincere people and spiritual places you could find yourself if you did the same. It’s almost like an informal review of each place, which might prove useful if you were thinking of doing the same. It explains with humour and realism the difficulties of such a path, along with the joys and rewards too. Most interestingly you see Lucy’s inner journey as she struggles with herself, much to the relief of the reader, as you see her own humanity.
This is a super book. I read it on holiday in Mauritius and the book and the surroundings together took me to a state of bliss. I absolutely LOVED it but as a result won’t be travelling to India to pursue my love of yoga at any time soon! I am tempted though…



I loved this book. It gave a very vivid picture of the author’s experiences in several ashrams, and I found it entertaining, funny, and captivating.

L Cleary

Fantastic read

I spent some time in one of the ashrams mentioned in this book and it was interesting to read about the place from Lucy’s point of view and see how different experience different people can have – I mean this in a good way. This book is a great read for anyone interested in yoga and thinking about exploring it in country of its origin. It also shows the reasons and motives why many people in the west practice. It is down to earth and funny read, loved every minute of it!

Hana D

My best Indian guide

the edge’s book is the best way to know some very interesting places of india. lucy is the perfect travel partner to share this kind of experiences. she is curious, ironic, active and sometimes, fragile… a book to keep and reread.