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Stuck in Slough Meg’s going nowhere fast. Boxed in and stitched up, she jumps at the chance to work at Shine – the last word in super-luxe yoga, complete with cellulite-banishing yoga pants and high-tech yoga mats.

She loves putting her brand smarts into action, and her office view of the Gherkin, but when Shine threatens to shut down a small but beloved neighbourhood yoga studio, Meg’s forced to make a choice.

Is she a buff-bodied, fast-track corporate girl, circling the globe, dating the glamorous Max, or does her heart lie closer to home – with the granola guy up the road and her own soul-fired business.

Down Dog Billionaire is a heart-warming comedy of errors for any woman balancing bitchy colleagues, crazy friendships and men being men, with the never-ending temptation of chocolate.

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Wonderfully light and witty

I’d read Yoga School Dropout so when I saw the new book at Gatwick it was a no-brainer. Is it up to standard ? Wil it make you laugh ? Will you relate to our heroine Meg as she seeks to transform herself and her career whilst hanging on to her integrity ? The answer to all of the above is a resounding Yes. This first novel does not disappoint and in fact is written with a confidence normally found in more seasoned authors. I especially like the characterisations which were believable but with a comedic twist. I’m only sorry that I read it in a day and am already looking forward to the further adventures of Meg et al.

Alain Dolan

A new best friend

I completely devoured this book and now I want to be besties with Meg Rogers! As the heroine of this book, Meg is super relatable, funny, driven and an inspiring badass girl in the world. Like Meg, I am a yoga novice, so it was easy to picture myself alongside her yoga journey while she tries to find the balance between practicing for fitness and practicing for peace of mind. The author’s portrayal of the polarization of the yoga world that I have come across—modern, super sleek $$$ studios filled with leggy blondes and abs vs. traditional, independent studios filled with holistic teas and all walks of life—are accurate in today’s yoga explosion. For myself, figuring out which world is right for me is just as hard as it was for Meg! Who doesn’t want pink sushi, a 6 pack and a rain forest shower that dusts you with a golden glow afterwards?! But, also like Meg, I love things and places that feel warm, people that make me feel like I’m at home, and cake. Now, imagine trying to figure it all out while simultaneously juggling friendships, your heart, men and a brand new career—the struggle is real.

Down Dog is a well written and refreshing take on the colourful word that is yoga, supported by dynamic characters who are full of life—an absolute delight! I have already recommended it to many of my friends. A fab read for anyone who regularly strives for a lifestyle that satisfies both their head AND their heart.


Shine on!

I absolutely loved this author’s first book, “Yoga School Dropout”, a hilarious and insightful memoir of her travels through the ashrams of India, so I couldn’t wait to get my hands on her latest one. It is an equally wonderful creation; a novel about what happens when Shine, a glamorous global chain of yoga studios set up in London. This is a witty, very astute and richly imagined (though scarily believable) portrait of the ‘underbelly’ of the yoga world – one in which yoga’s traditional roots and ethics are overlaid by values that are predominately materialistic, superficial and obsessed with appearances. It’s a playful exploration of what yoga is: is it a skinny woman in designer yoga gear flipping up into a perfect handstand? Or is it a call to follow your heart? We journey with heroine Meg (employed by Shine) as she explores the roles of yoga, work and love in her own life. I really enjoyed the whole host of characters – from Meg’s über-bitchy colleagues at Shine (the novel has echoes of The Devil Wears Prada) to Nate, the hunky but understated local teacher whose studio is threatened by Shine’s arrival – and the dynamics between all them.


A great read – both funny and astute

I loved yoga school drop out and was eager to read Lucy’s first novel. It is a great read and is both funny and astute at the same time. The characters in the book are illuminated by Lucy’s clever writing and I engaged with the main character Meg from the start, as she struggled to find her way in the corporate world of confectionary. As Meg turns to the world of yoga and her Down Dog Billionaire for satisfaction in career and love, we witness her transformation into a skinny fit Yogini, See how it all works out for her, does she make it in this competitive yoga scene, or does she see the light, experience the love of her true friends, and see a more honest and meaningful way to live her life. There is a message for us all in this book… Happy reading, namaste